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We help our clients develop sustainability in business and operations improvement aligned to a competitive business strategy

ACP was founded by Mario Adamo after spending five years at McKinsey & Company.   The core team has several principals who bring a great mix of first class consulting practice credibility and extensive corporate executive experience.  ACP teams have a passion for high impact and sustainability for clients way beyond any engagement.  

What is our passion?

Over the past 30 years, the principals at ACP team has developed deep process and execution expertise in cost and operations strategies including all facets of procurement, innovative workshop only driven negotiations (FBSM®), capital for value (CFV®) optimisation and supply chain optimisation.  In addition the core leaders of ACP are considered to be global leaders in assisting clients to develop their own procurement capability across FBSM® and CFV®     

Why ACP?

ACP have a passion for delivering maximum sustainable client impact through three simple tenets:  

1. SCB : Sustainable Capability Building
2. DCA : Dynamic Coaching Approach 

3. CNP : Clever aNd Practical

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