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IOur hypothesis driven approach brings the whole ACP team to the client

1.  The client experience

We have at least one full time client lead who  is seen to own the initiative internally and is setup for success by the ACP team from the project commencement. This is the foundation for capturing the benefits of engaging ACP and securing sustainability in these benefits.  In addition, we ensure that we work with the client and as many stakeholders as possible are brought on the journey to ensure engagement, understanding and support for sustainable change and value capture. Client team members are coached to be able to execute and repeat all tasks for all initiatives during the consulting engagement. The expectation of every ACP engagement is that the client team members have an elevated level of individual capability at the end of the experience and the organisation has gained a sustainable collective competency

2.  The AVA Consulting Partners team on the ground

The ACP team on the ground will typically consist of a combination of highly experienced “grey haired” practitioners, post graduates and young graduates. This results in very clever and practical solutions utilising a hypothesis driven problem solving approach.    

The combination of intellect and experience is fundamental to ensure all stakeholders feel more comfortable dealing with and being coached by the ACP team. Every team member is held to the highest standard of performance with several intrinsic principles that must be used in all engagements. The intrinsics include mandatory peer review and problem solving on all analysis, synthesis and end-products

3.  Bringing the whole of AVA to the client

Each of our clients can expect ACP to bring in any of our team and associated experts as required to ensure that the maximum impact is delivered. The process of bringing the whole of ACP is typically done in short sharp bursts either face-to-face or virtually with both the ACP team on the ground and the client. The interaction process typically feels like an intense problem solving session where a problem is addressed by leveraging the expertise and experience of the senior ACP principals and experts. Other interactions will include pressure testing each of the critical foundations of the recommendations and actions being taken by the ACP team on the ground at all times

4.  Hypothesis driven and fact based

A hypothesis-driven fact-based approach is used throughout.  No recommendations are made without establishing the facts, supported by robust and agreed assumptions. We believe in applying an efficient process of developing a hypothesis from the start based on intelligent first-principles problem solving

We often discover instructive insights from asking first principles questions and then supporting these insights with focused analysis of the facts. Ultimately we will only go forward at each milestone when the facts have been established to support this recommendation

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